My journey

After graduating in Computer Science in 2018, I continued learning at an agency startup and currently are working for the digital partner of Deutsche Bahn.

When I started working on design systems and component libraries, I got into Open Source and joined the Chakra UI core team where I learned a ton and got to work with some amazing and smart people.

  • to nowDB Systel GmbH


    As maintainer I develop libraries, templates and documentations in the frontend area for 10 product teams, which implement in-house applications for Deutsche Bahn. This includes the deployment and further development of a design system, libraries and DevOps tooling.

  • to 2023Chakra UI

    Core Maintainer

    As a core maintainer, I contributed to the development of Chakra UI and helped to maintain the project. I was mostly involved in the styled system package and contributed to a great TypeScript experience.

  • to 2021DB Systel GmbH

    DevOps Engineer

    As a DevOps Engineer, I developed two frontend applications for DB Fernverkehr, visualising real-time data such as location-based data and arbitrary event data.

  • to 2020Incloud Engineering GmbH

    Senior Software Engineer and Teamlead

    My responsibilities were in new and further development of proprietary products. As lead developer, I maintained two plugin products in production and one SaaS product in ongoing development.

  • to 2018Incloud Engineering GmbH

    Web developer as Working Student

    In the agency business I got to know professional, individual software development with various technologies. PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, Vue, Ember, MySQL, MongoDB, React, TypeScript, Node.js, PostgreSQL, Docker, Kubernetes and more. Some of these technologies I still use today, some others not so much…